There are many decisions that come with retirement years, and one of them is where to live. When it comes to assisted living apartments, you will have a ton of questions about what makes a good community, who lives there, how much they cost, and what amenities their facilities have. We’ve broken down these 1o questions for you so that you can tour senior living communities confidently.


1. How Much Is the Rent?

One of the first things you should ask when touring an independent living community is how much it costs to rent an apartment. You will want to know if you are financially able to live in one of their apartments comfortably. You should also know what other fees you will be charged because not all communities charge the same for common charges, utilities, and other miscellaneous items.

At Sabal Palms, rates start at $4100 + the level of care required. 

2. What is the Apartment Size?

Another thing that you should know when touring a senior living community is the apartment size. It will give you a good idea of how much space your family will have and how much room you need to be comfortable. Some communities have larger apartments, while others have smaller ones. When choosing the size of your senior living apartment, make sure that it is large enough for everyone to move around in it easily and not too small where they are cramped up in rooms on top floors and stairs.

At Sabal Palms assisted living, sizes come as follows:

  • One Bedroom (495 SF)
  • One Bedroom Large (550 SF)
  • One Bedroom With Balcony (605 SF)
  • Two Bedroom With Balcony (919 SF)


3. What is the Renovation Date of the Community?

You will want to know if the community you are touring is brand new or has been around for a while. If it has been around for a while, you should ask how much renovation they have done to it and what renovations are planned in the future. You do not want to live in a community that looks old and rundown, even though some of these communities have great layouts, amenities, and services.


4. What Utilities Are Included In the Rent?

Utilities are a big factor when it comes to choosing a community, and you will want to know what utilities are included in the rent. Some communities will include your condo fees and cable/internet costs, while others may not include anything. You should also ask about what apartment features utilities are for, like whether or not you have central air conditioning or individually controlled heating.


5. What Are the Common Charges?

Most senior living communities will charge the same common charges. These charges can either be extra fees included in the rent or an extra fee each month for such things as monthly cable and internet. Other common charges are for things such as pools, community centers, and fitness classes. You should ask how many common charges you will be charged every month so that you can make a smart decision on whether or not you want to live in one of these communities that include these fees.


6. How Many Seniors Do You Have in the Community?

It is smart to ask how many seniors live in the community you are touring because it will give you an idea of what types of activities, services, and opportunities are on offer. Does it have a nursery, community center, and assisted living center on-site? What is their insurance policy like? How many community beds are available for memory care residents? You will want to know these things before you make your final decision so that you can find the one that best fits your needs.


7. Do You Conduct Background Checks On the Staff?

One thing you should ask when touring a senior living community and looking at assisted living apartments is if they do background checks on the staff. It will ensure that your loved one is safe and comfortable in his or her new home. It will decrease the chances of your loved one having any issues with their well-being, such as abuse and neglect.

A senior man and a caregiver hold hands in support


8. What Kind of Social Events Are Held in the Community?

Another question you should ask when touring a senior living community is what kind of social events are held in the community. You want to know if they have social get-togethers, holiday parties, and other events for their residents to enjoy. It is important for seniors to have things to do that keep them busy and social so that they are happy and content with where they live.

At Sabal Palms, we have a diverse and fun resident activity calendar which includes a variety of activities, excursions, and even day-trips to keep our residents happy and entertained. 


9. What is a Typical Day Like for the Residents?

You want to ask if you can see a typical day in the life of the residents. This will help you get an idea of what your loved one will be doing every day, whether it is exercising, eating, or socializing with other residents. It gives you a good picture of what life will be like in this community and whether or not it is right for your family.

10. Are There Any Special Transportation Services For the Residents?

If you are touring a senior living community for your elderly loved one, then you should ask if they have any special transportation services. Do they offer a wheelchair van, a scooter taxi, or a wheelchair lift on the buses? These will be things that you want to know because it is easier to get around in an area if you have them available.

At Sabal Palms, we offer complimentary transportation and parking to residents.


Assisted Living Apartments at Sabal Palms

If you treat your loved one well, then they will be more than happy to live in your home with you. As they get older and begin to need more care, it may be time to look into a senior living apartment or community. By touring them, you will know what it is like living in one and if there are any concerns that you want to be addressed.

At Sabal Palms, we measure our success on the Wellness and Happiness factors. Check out our website for more information about how these factors influence our assisted living apartments. If you are interested in becoming a resident, contact us today!