People in their later years of life often have difficulty staying active and social. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. If you’re looking for a way to help your parent or other senior loved one stay busy this summer, consider offering these safe and fun summer activities as a gift.


1.) Organize and Join Local Activities

Senior assisted living facilities are typically equipped with communal areas inside or outside the facility where seniors can meet one another and participate in group activities. These include bingo, card games, exercise classes, and fitness activities. If your senior is interested in this sort of activity, suggest that he or she volunteer to participate in one of these activities. Alternatively, you can suggest that he or she organize one on his or her own. 

If your resident friend lives in an apartment, you may be able to arrange for some bingo nights at the local senior center. If the senior lives in a private home, encourage the senior to invite some friends over for a card game or other event. It’s more likely that your friend will participate if he or she begins organizing the events. Try to make it an activity that can be enjoyed independently, such as playing cards with friends or watching movies as a group.


2.) Reading Books

While a group activity is more energetic and offers more opportunities to socialize, it may not be the perfect choice for everyone. Some seniors may be more apt to enjoy quieter activities, such as reading or listening to music.

Reading books is a great summer activity whether you’re younger or older. It’s a low-impact activity that can keep busy minds engaged, and it doesn’t involve any equipment that could potentially harm the senior. Encourage your senior friend to read novels, magazines, or anything else that piques his or her interest.


3.) Gardening

Gardening can be a wonderful activity for seniors because it offers plenty of fresh air and outdoor activity. The best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of strength or agility. If your friend or relative enjoys gardening, encourage him or her to try planting some flowers or vegetables this summer. Just make sure to check with the facility’s staff for safety instructions before allowing the senior to work outside on his or her own.


4.) Cooking

Many seniors enjoy cooking, but this activity isn’t necessarily safe if performed incorrectly. In order to minimize the risk of spills and burns, make sure your friend or relative is using properly-fitted kitchen utensils and proper posture when standing.

If you’re concerned about a senior’s ability to safely operate a stove, offer to cook healthy meals for them. You can even invite him or her over to dine with your family if he or she doesn’t have enough energy to prepare food during the day.

At Sabal Palms senior assisted living facilities, you can rest assured that the food is both healthy and tasty. It’s easier to stay healthy with the right motivation. We place a high priority on healthy meals because we measure our success on the Wellness and Happiness factors. You can learn more about our philosophy on our website.


5.) Walking

If your senior lives in senior assisted living facilities, encourage the senior to take a walk around the block at least once or twice per week. If your friend or relative doesn’t live in an assisted living facility, encourage them to walk around the park, neighborhood, or local mall.

Walking is a great way for seniors to get some exercise without putting stress on their joints. Plus, it’s a safer alternative to driving.


6.) Going to the Beach

If your friend or relative is interested in something more physically active, encourage them to visit a nearby beach. Many senior centers offer weekday groups for people in senior homes who want to go swimming, hiking, and kayaking. If your senior is interested in water sports, suggest he or she talk with the facility’s staff about joining some sort of activity.


7.) Crafting or Sewing

If your friend or relative is interested in creating something, encourage him or her to do some crafting or sewing. Seniors can make everything from dolls and small stuffed animals to quilts and stuffed pillows. Having a hobby can help seniors keep physically active, socialize and feel productive during the day.

A senior woman using her sewing machine


8.) Putting a Puzzle Together

Seniors can also have fun with educational activities, such as putting a puzzle together. Seniors who are more accustomed to traditional activities might enjoy something a bit more challenging, like an image of the Mona Lisa or another famous painting. If you’re looking for something entertaining and not too difficult, try finding a puzzle that showcases images of popular cartoon characters or other fun stickers.


9.) Going to the Movies

If your friend or relative is looking for something more relaxing, you can encourage him or her to go see a movie in the theater. Seniors can enjoy action movies, comedies, and documentaries alike. Just make sure it’s a movie he or she will enjoy! Also, remember that any special equipment is likely to be too big for seniors unless the movie itself is focused on seniors.


10.) Enjoying Music

Seniors can also enjoy music on their own or at community events. If your friend or relative likes to listen to music while relaxing, encourage them to visit a nearby church, park, or nearby senior center. For seniors is interested in participating in an activity that involves singing, check with the facility’s staff to see what might be available.


11.) Playing a Musical Instrument

Seniors can also teach themselves how to play an instrument, like the piano. If your senior is interested in playing music, check with the facility’s staff to see if there are lessons available. Many senior centers offer lessons for people in senior homes who want to learn an instrument.


12.) Taking a Trip 

Many seniors enjoy taking weekend trips just for the fun of visiting new places. Although this activity can be dangerous if performed incorrectly, it can also be an enjoyable way to get out of the house and meet new people. If your friend or relative enjoys traveling, encourage him or her to talk with the facility’s staff about trips.



Finding fun and safe summer activities for seniors in senior assisted living facilities is a great way to keep your loved one busy. Just make sure that you’re the person who plans the activities and stays with the senior so that you can ensure their safety. Once you and your senior agree on an activity, it should be full of energy and fun! You can also encourage other friends and family members to get involved, regardless of age.