Memory care is a type of senior housing that can provide care for individuals who experience memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, or other degenerative diseases. Luxury memory care communities in FL typically offer 24-hour support and require an individual to be monitored at all times.

There are certain steps you should take before moving your loved one into memory care. This blog post will give you a step-by-step process of what you will need to do before moving into memory care.


1. Ask About the Staff

The first step is to ask the person in the memory care facility if they have been trained in dementia care. If they have, ask what their qualifications are. Also, learn what staff members will be involved and who you will be dealing with. Luxury memory care communities in FL have the best team of professionals who can handle your and your loved one’s needs.


2. Ask About Their After-Care Program

Initial conversations with someone at the facility should cover the day-to-day logistics of life for your loved one after leaving the facility. Understanding how your loved one will be taken care of after they leave the facility will help you make the right decisions.


3. Ask About Their Communication With Family Members

Another important question to ask is how they communicate with residents’ family members. For example, how often do family members call or visit, and how long are their visits? You should also inquire about each facility’s visitation policies and guidelines.


4. Ask About Their Smoking Policy

Find out if the facility allows its residents to smoke or not. If they are allowed to smoke, is there a designated area for them to do so? What times can they go outside, and for how long? You should also ask about the smoking policy during their daily activities. For example, are they allowed or encouraged to smoke during certain activities?


5. Ask About Activities Available for Residents

In some memory care facilities, there are different enrichment activities available for the residents, such as taking trips or going out on weekends. Think about what kind of activities your loved one enjoys when moving them into the facility. Plus, different kinds of activities can be very stimulating for seniors who struggle with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 


6. Ask About Their Transportation Services

This should be a question that you ask right away. It will help you know if residents can get out of the facility and if they need any outside help with transportation. You should also know how they will be taken back and forth to the facility – is it by other staff members, friends, or family members they can trust?


7. Consider Long-Term Care Insurance

Suppose you plan on moving your loved one into a memory care facility. Long-term care insurance coverage is essential to protect them if something happens to them while they are living there. Ask your loved one if they have current long-term care insurance and are sure of their coverage.


8. What About Their Prices

Make sure to ask about the facility’s prices and if they have any discounted pricing packages. Some facilities offer a lower price than others. Still, you should always ensure that they consider it a memory care facility and therefore provide some type of discount.


9. How Do They Keep Residents Safe?

The last question you should ask is how they keep residents safe. While you can’t predict what will happen in the future, it’s always good to consider safety issues beforehand.

A senior and granddaughter look at a photo album together


10. Is There a Family Meal Option?

Before moving in, you should ask if there is a family meal option. Many facilities provide a family meal plan that allows the residents to have family members spend time with them around the dinner table during visitation hours. This plan allows people to spend time and enjoy one another’s company in an intimate setting.


11. Is There an Assisted Living or Nursing Care Option?

It’s important to know if your loved one might need additional care if they move out of memory care. If they do, ask about the facility’s assisted living or nursing care options. The costs may be a little higher, but they will give your loved one the freedom to live independently after moving out of the memory care facility. In addition, luxury memory care communities in FL are a good option for those looking for a luxurious home environment.


12. Is There a 24-hour Assistance Option?

Many facilities offer 24-hour assistance driving residents to appointments, shopping, and helping them to dress. It’s important to know if the facility offers this 24-hour assistance program. Before moving in, ask if they have any special requirements that must be met.


13. Consider Meal Service Options and Costs

Some memory care facilities provide a full meal service where meals are prepared for residents in a communal setting. Other facilities will allow residents to order room service as well as from other restaurants where they can go and get the food. One of the biggest factors when considering a memory care facility is its price, so make sure you ask about the pricing associated with the meal service option you prefer.


14. What Is the Daily Schedule?

You should ask what the residents’ daily activities are and whether there will be any time dedicated to their own personal time. It’s important that they have an environment where they don’t feel constantly busy with little downtime.


Check Out Memory Care at Sabal Palms

As you can see, there are many questions that you need to ask the facility before moving your loved one into memory care. You should always be aware before moving because it could be life-changing.

Luxury memory care communities in FL, such as Sabal Palms, are a good option for those looking for a home environment for their loved ones and a safe place for them to live. Our community provides residents with 24-hour care, social programs, and the best technology available today. Get in touch with us today for more information.