Read all about the quality services provided at Sabal Palms from the people
whose opinions matter most—our residents and their families.

“My Dad always says that he loves the food… I think there is a good variety.”

Cynthia Geiges

“Management is wonderful. They answer the phone or call us back in a timely manner any time we call. They are attuned to her and they have gotten to know her well. They take our suggestions when we call them and they have been proactive in her care. We are happy.”

Angela D.

“I think they do a good job bringing in people to entertain. They always do. Every week we have somebody who comes in one to two times a week. I’m happy with it.”

Ann Marie Schmidt

“They’re great about getting residents engaged in activities and have a lot of choices. There is always something going on, and the healthcare staff is knowledgeable, accessible, and responsive.”

Tracy Hall

If she needs something for healthcare they’re always there. I know they’re helpful and courteous.”

Peter Adamo