As your loved ones get older, one of the options that may be discussed is moving into an Senior Assisted Living Facilities. Often, these discussions are approached with fear and anxiety due to the many misconceptions there are surrounding assisted living facilities.

In order to make the most informed decision about what is best for your loved one, it is crucial to break down those misconceptions and get a realistic idea of all of your options. To help with that, below, you will find some of the most common myths about assisted living.

Assisted Living Myth #1: Assisted Living is Only for Those Who are Unwell

Regardless of age or condition, there are many different levels of care available in assisted living. From supports for those who have extensive needs, like memory care, to simply providing a place to live where there will be no home maintenance, no utilities, and likely no transportation requirements.

Senior Assisted Living Facility Myth #2: Your Independence is Lost

For many, the only difference between living in an assisted living facility and living in their own home is location and ability access to useful amenities and care options. Seniors are free (and usually encouraged) to pursue interests, hobbies, activities, exercise and social stimulation just as they would at home.

Senior Assisted Living Facilities are built around helping seniors to live lives that are as independent and fulfilling as possible. They can continue to enjoy any activity that they have always enjoyed, and can even take up new activities and explore new interests. The communities are bustling environments full of people from all different walks of life, so residents can meet many new people, experience new things, and broaden their horizons.

Assisted Living Myth #3: It Won’t Feel Like Home

While the walls may be different from where they have been, retirement communities very much become home to the residents that live there.

Seniors not only have their own apartments, but they are able to take advantage of many of the comforts their own home has provided. Green thumbs will find that most communities have gardens for residents to tend, bookworms can hang out in the library, music lovers will often find an activity room with a piano to play.

There is something for everyone in a senior assisted living facilitiy, and they can soon feel very much like home.

Assisted Living Myth #4: Senior Assisted Living Facilities Are Too Expensive

Many people hesitate when thinking about assisted living because of the perceived exorbitant cost. The reality is that the price is relative to means and other personal factors.

In many situations, assisted living can actually save you money. There are a variety of expenses associated with living on your own that are included in the assisted living costs. Expenses like regular groceries, home maintenance, and home care costs will all be offset.

Paying for the move can also be less of a burden if proceeds from the sale of a home, or gains from investments can be put towards an assisted living facility.

Assisted Living Myth #5: You Will Be Lonely

While the ability to have family that can visit is different for each resident, there are more than enough people living and working in an assisted living community that you never have to feel lonely.

While they may no longer be next to a long-time neighbor, or close to their favorite local haunt, they will gain access to a host of new neighbors, as well as the staff and volunteers in the community. There are many activities run by these communities to help facilitate friendship building and help their residents to lead rich and fulfilled lives.

If you or your loved one are considering the possibility of moving into an Senior Assisted Living Facilities, its best to visit one in person.

They can help you with any questions you may have, and being able to talk to some of the residents may help to alleviate some of the fear or anxiety you may be feeling about moving into an assisted living facility.

Don’t be afraid to visit as many communities as you can until you find the one that feels right for you. The right community can go a long way to making the lives of our seniors better, less stressful, and more fulfilling.