There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings out there when it comes to senior assisted living near me. The information you have might be outdated or just plain wrong. And you shouldn’t let these myths hold you back from committing to a great senior assisted living home near you. Don’t let these false beliefs keep you back from being part of the amazing community waiting for you.

Myths About Senior Assisted Living Near Me

In this day and age where we have more choices than we could need for or ever want, there are no shortages of options for living arrangements for seniors. When you begin searching for a senior assisted living home near me, you might find lots of possibilities that seem great. But you might also be hesitating even after looking at the beautiful pictures and exciting social events calendar offered at the home.

Let’s look at the common myths that might be holding you back from moving to a senior assisted living home near you.


#1 Seniors Communities are Boring and There’s Nothing to Do There

Most senior assisted living homes have a lively social calendar full of social events and recreational activities offered to the residents on a daily basis. These could be informal gatherings, planned outings, creative or social activities, game nights and more. There might also be gardens or outdoor spaces for gardening, walks or playing low impact sports.

Senior assisted living homes near you will likely have a wide variety of enriching activities to keep you entertained and prompt personal development. Whether you want to participate in a painting class, take up yoga or just read a quiet book, it’s all possible.

Not finding the activity you’re passionate about? Talk with the senior assisted living homes near me to see if they would be willing to add the option. You could even take a leadership role in establishing a club or activity.

The options are only as limited as your imagination. With the additional free time you will have, you could even take up hobbies that you’d always meant to pick up but never got to do.

things to do at senior assisted living near me

#2 Senior Living Communities are for the Rich and There’s No Way I Could Afford It

Though the price tag of the senior assisted living homes near you might look scary at first, it’s important to consider all the services and benefits that are included in that amount.

The living expenses, personal care, amenities, personal support and recreational activities included in the monthly cost might cost significantly more if you acquired each one separately. When packaged together and combined in an assisted living home, these services can be much more cost-effective and raise your quality of living while keeping the overall cost reasonable.

To get the same quality of living in your own home might require many costs over and above your mortgage or rent. Ongoing costs of maintaining an independent home such as utilities, cable, lawn care, snow removal, insurance, property taxes, and even your own groceries can add up to be a significant amount.

Even with your mortgage paid off, there could be unexpected capital expenses you could incur like needing to replace the roof or your furnace giving out. Not to mention the stress of hiring contractors or service professionals to do the work.

As your physical health declines, you might also have to hire a helper with everyday household tasks such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, and meal preparation and personal care such as bathing.

Entertainment expenses like going for outings, buying art supplies or joining a yoga class would be another expense. Transportation to and from activities or meeting with friends would also add up.

All these expenses above your basic mortgage or rent payment can quickly far outpace what you might be paying with a senior assisted living home near you. Many of these expenses and more can be disregarded in an assisted living community.


#3 Senior Assisted Living Homes has terrible food and unhealthy food options

The senior assisted living home near you is likely to have its very own chef whose job would be to provide you with a healthy and enjoyable dining experience. Meal plans are developed with nutrition as a key component in providing a strong foundation for your health.

Though meals might not be customized to your particular preferences at an assisted living home, the variety of options available to you will more than makeup for it. There will likely always be something that you would enjoy on the menu. From old favorites to new dishes, you’ll be able to try it all! Some assisted living communities even welcome suggestions and requests for meals.

Some assisted living homes near me may even have cooking classes where you can be actively involved in cooking your food to maintain independence and indulge in your passion for cooking. You can find out more at the senior assisted living home near you.


Do you have any other concerns holding you back from joining a senior assisted living home near you?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you what amazing opportunities an assisted living home might provide for you. Our experience and passion for seniors can help guide you to the best choice for your situation whether it’s senior assisted living near you or other options.