Specialized memory care communities provide the residents with care specifically designed to meet their needs.

Some residents will merely have poor memories and mild dementia, while others have Alzheimer’s disease.

Once the memory becomes faulty, the person concerned will often forget their medications, and will sometimes forget to eat, bathe, and often forget bill payments. So for those who have reached this stage, good quality care is the best option. The best luxury memory care communities in FL take care of the medical needs of your loved one while enabling opportunities to socialize. If they have had pets, they can be visited by therapy pets and enjoy musical entertainment, all beneficial to those with cognitive decline.

Luxury Memory Care Communities Florida

There are many benefits to living in a community that provides ongoing care, and they are.

  • Coordination of appropriate medical care.
  • Stimulating activities appropriate to age and cognitive ability.
  • Managing challenging behaviors often prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • Provide a safe physical environment.
  • Oversee ADLs (activities of daily living).


This is a disease that weakens and softens the bones causing them to break easily. It is common in older women and some men. Causes include:

  • A family history
  • Early menopause
  • Have not had a calcium-rich diet
  • Have never done any weight-bearing exercise
  • Smokers
  • Certain medications
  • Small body frame

Some old people get shorter, and when they are diagnosed with osteoporosis breaking a bone. Before this happens, arrange to have a bone density scan to tell you how strong your bones are.

Keeping Bones Strong in Old Age: Four Things You Should Know

  1. Eat food rich in calcium and Vitamin D
  2. Do weight-bearing exercises like running, weight, walking, tennis, and dancing.
  3. Try to make weight-bearing -exercise a lifelong activity to avoid osteoporosis in old age.
  4. Try to avoid falls by wearing well-balanced shoes, and remove slip and trip hazards from your house

When you do fall, it is possible to fracture a hip, and this type of break takes a long time to recover from. Once you develop osteoporosis, there are several medications that you can have prescribed to manage the condition better. Preventing osteoporosis, in the beginning, is the best way to deal with it. If you have the condition, you may be better off living in a Care community where help is at hand.

A senior woman holding a calcium pill

Importance of Diet in Osteoporosis

Too much alcohol can cause osteoporosis, so if you have the condition, see a Nutritionist. Maintaining a healthy weight while eating the right foods all helps in healthy aging. Not overeating or eating too many carbohydrates is important as we get older. When we go out to eat in a restaurant, the portion sizes are all far too big, and it is no wonder that people are getting fat. What you really need is less food but more nutrition, and this can be a difficult concept. When we are older, we definitely don’t burn as many calories as we do when we are young and active.


Retirees flock to Florida for the lovely climate, and there are many luxury memory care communities in Florida for people to move into when they age. More than half a million people in Florida live with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Statewide Healthcare costs are slightly below average, and people over 65 pay no state income tax. There are also a large number of doctors in Florida, and residential memory care only costs about 5,000 per month. Often the facility has to provide a designated wing for memory care patients with appropriate programs and security-coded doors to prevent the residents from wandering off. Protection from harm is one of the key aims of memory care wards, and it is really important to keep people safe.

Residential Care

For those requiring residential luxury memory care communities in FL, there are quite a few to choose from if you are eligible for Medicaid.

Medicaid is based on age, income assets, citizenship, and disability classification, and to qualify:

  • You must be 65 or older or have a disability.
  • Have an annual income of more than $17,131 or less for an individual.
  • Be a US citizen and a permanent resident of Florida

To Apply for Admission

  • Online system to apply
  • Provide proof of income for the last five years to apply
  • Show government ID proving citizenship
  • Copies of title to your home and valuations to support the stated value of your home.
  • Tax returns for the past five years
  • Copies of your Will

The Department of Elder Affairs can help you with your application to Medicaid.

Getting the Best Care

Because the care is specialized, requiring a high level of trained staff and resources, it means that you pay a bit more than you would for other residential care. The cost has been calculated by adding another 25% on top of normal residential care. A lot depends on the facilities provided by your care home, as some of them are highly luxurious and you may then pay for extra facilities, like heated pools and gymnasiums.

Memory Care

In Florida, memory care is one of the long-term senior care services available, and full care is provided in a luxury private room for up to $8,654 a day and a shared room for less in a facility where skilled nursing care is available. People requiring full care are usually unable to do anything for themselves and may not be ambulant, sometimes totally unable to communicate. This type of care often turns into end-of-life care.


People are living longer, and memory care is needed more and more as people age, they tend to become forgetful. Fifty or sixty years ago, 70 was considered old, and most people didn’t live much longer. Many died early of smoking-related illnesses and degenerative diseases.

As long as your memory does not fail, you can live at home until you are 90 years or older, so it is important to do all that you can to care for your health, especially the bones, the scaffolding that supports your skeleton, and keeps you moving around.