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Sabal Palms Assisted Living & Memory Care Community

When you make the decision to move to your beautiful and tranquil new home with us at Sabal Palms Assisted Living and Memory Care, along the Florida Coast, you will be surprised by the excitement you will find! We are not just another Senior Living community, but the best and most fun decision you have made in a long time!

It’s been said that our society has put more effort into helping folks reach an older age than in helping them to enjoy it! The ownership and management at Sabal Palms Assisted Living and Memory Care believes that senior living should not only be focused on attending to the physical needs of our residents, but, as importantly, to their psychological, social and intellectual needs. As such, we measure our success not only by the Wellness factor , but also by the Happiness factor!

Our culture is to create a personal and carefree environment for all of our residents with service based on integrity, honesty and dignity.


For residents that enjoy their space and independent lifestyle, but need some assistance and care nearby. Assisted living at Sabal Palms provides the perfect balance.

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Alzheimer’s and dementia doesn’t stop our residents from enjoying life. Our caring staff and memory care program provides an enriching, caring, and safe living environment.

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Get a preview of our senior living community and the luxurious amenities at Sabal Palms. Expected to open in the fall of 2016, follow the construction progress here.

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The nurses are phenomenal and let me know when things are going on. The apartment maintenance is excellent, the building looks immaculate and if I ask for anything, he is up here in 5 minutes. The apartment is kept clean, up-to-date, vacuumed and the bathroom is kept neat. The laundry services are good. The Activity Director is absolutely phenomenal. In fact, I think the girl never goes home to sleep … she is just awesome.

Family of Cathy S.
You have to come and see all that they do. The building is absolutely beautiful. They always clean it like they should. If something is broken they fix it right away. If something isn’t working they come in and change it.

Carol C.
I think I’m very pleased with the housekeeping. (Maintenance services) have been excellent. … the building looks good. … very well maintained.

Robert B.

The staff is very accommodating and I am very impressed that they know everyone’s names. Lori, the activities director, goes out of her way to accommodate everybody. If we have a suggestion she is right there and ready to take over.

Louise D.

The building is well maintained, in addition to the areas around the community. Also, if I put a work order in, they respond within a few hours. They always have activities for the residents to do and they get a monthly calendar.

Family of Renzo M.

The building, the meals, the activities all seem to run well … we have a variety like bingo, Trivia Tuesday, Wine and Friends … there is a meeting where residents can come and express what they would like and we discuss if it would be feasible. There is a lot of resident input into that one. The grounds are beautiful. The maintenance is responded to in a hurry if you have a lightbulb out or a leaky faucet. I’m on the whole, content here. My needs are met and I think I did a good job of choosing this facility.

Sara P.

(Management) is very responsive. They take action immediately when you bring something up. It’s really, really good. He has Parkinson’s so he needs more help maybe than other people. He gets the medications managed. It’s given to him by nurses. He can call whenever he needs to go to the bathroom or take a shower. It’s a beautiful place and (maintenance) they do take action immediately when something is required to be fixed … the place is beautiful and they keep it very nice.

Family of Enrige B.

Sabal Palms Assisted Living & Memory Care is a very well laid out facility. The facility is really first class. We got a tour and really like the spaciousness of the rooms and the appointments. We saw a well-appointed model room. The bathrooms are large, clean, new, and fresh. They had a big living room and a TV room. They had a dining hall breakfast area and reminded me of Marriott. It’s really well done. I was impressed. The staff asked a lot of questions about my brother-in-law. My sister was there, and she was the one answering them. That is where we discovered that his weight is a problem. They didn’t have a Hoyer lift and several other things; it made us doubt as to whether assisted living would be a viable option for him. I learned a lot just from the dialog with the lady that gave the tour.


The management people are always kind in assisting her and I can get ahold of them if I need them. The place always looks clean … she seems happy there.

Family of Betty B.

We toured Sabal Palms Assisted Living & Memory Care. It was right up there with the other places that were Ritz-Carlton type; it was beautiful. They had chandeliers in the entrance to the lobby. Their dining room looked like you were walking into an Outback Steakhouse. They had individual lighting at each table hanging from the ceiling. It was probably the nicest we’ve seen. They looked like they had plentiful staff. The lady who took us around was very knowledgeable. Everybody that we walked past either said hello, waved, or did something to acknowledge us. I heard them talking to their patients, and they were very upbeat. They were very nice, all of them. It’s only a couple of years old, and it’s in a nice area of town. The grounds were beautiful, very well landscaped, and the rooms were nice. They had a courtyard, a salon, a gathering area for people to play cards, and another area where you and your family could have a special occasion, like a birthday party.


You guys offer everyone who comes to visit refreshments and they are great. The Catholic church highly recommended Sabal Palms for her. The staff is fantastic and everyone tries to help out. They call you if any situations come up. They do a great job.

Family of Caroline W.

Brett, We can’t thank you enough for helping us out with Anita. All she wants is to go home, which she considers home at Sabal. We were unsure where she was going to go after rehab. We considered leaving her there, but she was so unhappy. The staff you have now, are great. Especially Steve. He calls to check up on her, and if we have a problem with Ms. Anita, we can always count on him and the others. You all have come through for us and we appreciate everything you have done for us. … Hopefully Ms. Anita will be back home once Kindred evaluates her. Thank you!

Family of Anita S.

(My mother) doesn’t miss Happy Hour. She looks forward to that. I have to schedule appointments to be back for Happy Hour. I would say there are a lot of activities. I know she goes to bingo and they’ve told me she goes to trivia.

Family member of Bernice H.

(My mother) loves her nurses. She gets along with them. (Maintenance services) seem to be really good. … We’ve had an issue here and there and they fix it.

Family member of Doris V.

Sandra Young works as the community liaison and she is fantastic. (Mother) is very happy there. The care team does a good job and they check on her. She also has a private nurse who comes to check on her.

Family member of Gertrude F.

They are really knowledgeable and know what needs to be done and how to take care of the residents here. They work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

Family member of Helen C.

We were impressed with the facility. It was super clean. We were super impressed with Charlene, the in-house nurse. She is wonderful. She gets him out and moving. The whole place is wonderful and we are so happy with the facility & all departments. For what we are paying they are above and beyond. They went the extra mile to get us discounts because he is a Veteran. The price of the room is very reasonable. The quality we are getting with this price we are very happy… He feels like he is home. That’s worth a lot to me because he wasn’t happy at the other place. He is now 20 minutes away from me and I know he’s in good hands.

Family member of Charles H.

She is really enjoying the activities and she participates in bingo which she really looks forward to. Now she is trying trivia and she enjoys the music when you provide that. I also told her you would have painting, so she is excited for that to happen. They have been following through and someone is helping her to write her name, the day she was born and a sentence, and that is great. It’s very helpful because she was getting incredibly forgetful, but that has really encouraged her. She feels quite taken care of by PT, the doctors and nurses. She knows she can get help if she needs it.

Family member of Natalie C.

Sandy, the head of memory care, couldn’t be a better person. She is so conscientious. Jeannie is one of the aides that takes a personal interest in these people, not someone just putting in their time. Rick does the maintenance and is wonderful. If my dad needs anything they come right away to help him. They are really good… For the most part it really looks kept up nicely.

Family member of Mr. & Mrs. W.

They always respond to her and they are very nice people here.

Family member of Mildred A.

In order to give back to Sabal Palms, I want to be a champion for Sabal Palms. I think it’s so good.  The people there are so good. The quality of the living conditions is outstanding, but the people and the care and communication are just phenomenal.

Sandra Young is the point person when you are coming into the community. She is just outstanding, just phenomenal in every possible way. The Executive Director is also wonderful, as I’ve had a few conversations with him.

There is so much going on Monday through Friday, as well as special events for holidays. They use a service for offsite outings, like taking residents to see the Christmas lights. There are crafts, drumming, just a full list, fantastic. All kinds of opportunities. There is bingo, book clubs, puzzles, Happy Hour, it’s just exceptionally good.

The community is beautiful décor-wise. They’ve done a wonderful job. The grounds are beautiful, and the outdoor area is professionally done. Also, the food is phenomenal. The choices, the service, everything about it, phenomenal.

Family member of Barbara P.

We’ve been very happy with everything, and all of our interactions with (management.) Mom has a very nice room with a nice window and her own private bath, so it’s very nice.

Family member of Melba D.

I think that JC, at the front desk, should get a promotion. She is like a doll. She is super, super sweet and my mom loves her. When I do go there my mom wants to go to the front desk to say hi to JC, so she has bonded with her. And I know Jamie too (at) the front desk, and they are excellent. You don’t want to lose them as employees at all.

Family member of Doris A.

Every time I have called management, they have been very responsive and I could tell they wanted to help her. (Services) are excellent. They make arrangements to come get her when she gets out of the hospital. They also picked her up from rehab after she had a heart attack. It is just great. They call me if they have any sort of question.

Family member of Rudell D.

We liked what we saw when we spoke to the staff, Sandra and Steve. Everybody is very caring. We have nothing but great compliments for them and would tell anybody it’s a great place to put their family member. If there is something that needs to be addressed we get calls. The facilities are nice and clean. Everything is top quality.

The family of A. Terry

Everyone has been wonderful to work with and is very helpful if I have any questions. They give me calls back very quickly. I had to move her from the hospital to rehab to respite care and we only had a few days’ notice. They were very helpful and easy to work with. They check on her regularly and she takes her medication regularly. Any time she needs anything they are there quickly. She is provided for here and taken care of.

Laura M.

Maintenance services were always on top of everything and were always available.

Resident family member

I met Sandra and she was spectacular. Brett was awesome to meet with us and very reassuring and comforting. (My father) is in a clean and safe environment and the people are responsive to his care. I just love it. I think they are very conscientious of their patients. If (your loved one) needs anything they help you get it. We needed to get a shower chair and bedside rail. All their suggestions were needed and helped him start to become more independent. Yesterday he took himself to the bathroom. When he first got there he just wanted to push his light and get someone to push him. Now he doesn’t use his wheelchair at all and walks down to the lobby. He is becoming more social which is wonderful to me.

Peggy K.

The activities director is wonderful with residents and really tries to get them involved. The activities are well-planned and consistent. Also, maintenance is excellent and they are right on issues.


Maintenance has been responsive. I have asked for things to get done and they do it. The building is also in very good condition. It looks very nice. What I see, I am happy with. I feel good about recommending it to other people and it’s a good place.

Gary W.

Overall I am very pleased with this community and I have already recommended them to several people. My brother was in a community in Pennsylvania and it cost twice as much as what we are paying here. Management has been excellent. They are very responsive to anything extraneous that I need. They are always right there to get me information in a very timely manner. They are very professional.

Albert E.

I am very pleased with every aspect at Sabal Palms. I would rate it very highly. From Brett all the way down to the aides everyone is super attentive, responsive, good communicators and every part I’m very happy with.

Lynn G.
My parents currently reside at Sabal Palms Assisted Living. We are so fortunate to have found such a wonderful place. The atmosphere is beautiful, with a style and décor that feels like you have entered a high end hotel lobby. Beyond the lobby is the dining area that offers seating similar to a restaurant. The meals are fantastic with multi choices and made to order options at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Homemade soups are delicious and a highlight each day. There is also a coffee bar with a latte machine, fruit, cookies and snacks available day and night. The amenities and activities keep the residents engaged and provide opportunities for fun and friendship. There is a library; exercise class; activity room for art classes and bingo; a wine bar with a grand piano and happy hour Monday through Friday with occasional entertainment; a theatre with big comfy chairs where movies are shown each night; an outdoor patio with a grill and seating for families to gather and enjoy a meal together; a beauty shop; and a workout room with various exercise equipment for residents to use. In addition to the Assisted Living options, there is an area called Intentional Living to serve those with memory issues. All of these things are great, but what sets Sabal Palms apart is the people who work there. They are spectacular! They are kind, caring, and are willing to help in any way they can for both the residents and our families. I cannot adequately express the gratitude we have for the staff. They go above and beyond in ways that we would never have expected. From the Director of Nursing to the staff at the front desk, they communicate with us on a regular basis and share concerns, good news, pictures, and more. When we reach out they respond immediately. They treat my parents like they are family and truly want the best for them. I would give Sabal Palms a rating of 100 out of 10 if I could! Call Sandra Young to learn more! She is outstanding and takes customer service to a new level!
Tracy H.
I’m lucky and had a long-term care policy from my wife that covered everything. Considering how well we were taken care of, it was a good value. It was my home for over a year. I look at the staff and residents as my family. I was quite happy! The housekeeping is just wonderful. They are always pleasant and smiling. During Covid, some of the things they had to put in place weren’t popular but most of us realized it was for our own benefit. They arranged vaccines for us. It was seamless and I give credit to the management staff. They are all excellent.

Frank P.
Sabal Palms is stellar and I am thrilled with the community and care offered! I especially enjoy the happy hour, music and movies offered here. Everyone from the care team, to housekeeping and management – I cannot say enough good about them. I could not be happier.

Adolfo V.
The services and accommodations at Sabal Palms are great. Even though I don’t always participate, they offer a good variety of activities. Management is respectful and the maintenance staff helped me move in and back and forth. Anything I asked for, they did. I’d recommend this community to others.
Bobbie S.

The staff does a great job to make sure I am not just a number, but a human being which to me is critical. The care team also keeps my family updated on my wellbeing which is important.

Theresa Y.

I’m very pleased with the healthcare services I receive, especially from Steve and Breanne. I really enjoy the activities here at Sabal Palms and they do a pretty good job with my very strict diet.

Jean B.
I’ve lived here since 2020 and feel very safe and happy at Sabal Palms.  Management is very responsive and maintenance is always helpful when I lose my key.  I especially love bingo, crafting, and also the singers on site.

Marta S.

Everything is perfect. I love Sabal Palms. They do a super job. I have no complaints whatsoever, they are fabulous.

Mitzi B.
I have been really happy with the services at Sabal Palms. I think the place is really well managed, the place is clean and everything is available. If my parents want food and it is off hours they will get it for them. I don’t think anything is perfect but I would never move them. Bret does a great job. They are senile and my father is paranoid, but I feel they are safe and comfortable.

The family of Charles & Cynthia Osborn
I love Sabal Palms and refer to it as a resort.  I haven’t lived life so good in my life and am the happiest man one could imagine.  Everyone is nice and no one is pushy.  I tell everyone about it.  I have visited a brand new place in town and while it’s fancy, it’s lacking the homey feeling that is felt at Sabal Palms.  Steve, with healthcare services is top notch.  He kept my family updated daily and was always present when I needed it.  The management is doing wonderful and every time I turn around, they keep making it better.

Frank V.
Dear Everyone at Sabal Palms,
I wanted to let you know how grateful and thankful we are that we have the peace of knowing my mom and dad are safe and being well taken care of.  Every one of you that comes to work is risking his/her health and we want you to know that we gratefully appreciate you. Please know that you are in our prayers. Looking forward to the hopefully near future when we can visit again not only our parents but you all so we can say “thank you” in person.

The family of Ralph & Patty White
Sandra, Debra and Karen,
I wanted to express my thanks and the thanks of my family for the wonderful admission experience at Sabal Palms. My mother only learned of Sabal Palms a few weeks ago and now is a resident enjoying a whole new adventure of senior living at age 97! The reception by your administrative, nursing, housekeeping and food service staff has exceeded any expectation that I had coming into this week. I traveled in and saw the facility for the first time on December 26th. Needless to say I was so impressed with the design and appearance of the building and grounds. This was out done by the consistent, professional, caring and knowledgeable actions by your staff. EVERY person we encountered in the three days I was on site with Ruth was awesome! From the greeting at the front desk to the Café personnel, the activity staff, Marketing and Administrative team, the Caregivers, Nurses and “Jack of all trades” Rick, we were treated with caring and respect. We could not have asked for a better experience!
As a new entity you are certainly starting with an amazing foundation to build on!
I am hopeful that my mother will enjoy a long and rewarding residency at Sabal Palms!
Hank H.
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