The Wellness Edge is a new approach to Assisted Living care that emphasizes promoting good health, wellness, independence, improving quality and longevity of life , as compared to others Assisted Living communities that only emphasize on activities of daily living (ADL) care related to a medical condition or disease.

The Wellness Edge is a blended care model that addresses not only activities of daily living needs, but also the total wellbeing of a person.

The Wellness Edge Premium and Wellness Premium plus services are extended fee based programs for those who are seeking more one on one wellness services.

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Fuel your day with nutrient-rich breakfast that keeps you energized and focused. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with nutritious foods and energizing juices and smoothies that keep you feeling your best. Our Eat Well Menu offers a range of options from traditional American Family Menu to a healthier Super Food Menu; the choice is yours. Revitalize and stay well hydrated with vitamin and natural herb and fruit infused water. An assortment of nourishing, healthy juices and smoothies instead of soda pops are also available.


Slip under your covers for a night of sound sleep with our Sleep Well turndown service with freshened linens, and pillowcases with high thread count, aromatic infuser and the right room temperature to ease you into a restful sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead. Relax at ease with our late evening Relax Well snacks served in our Grand Parlor: a selection of sleep-enhancing snacks and soothing teas.


Maintain your fitness and mobility and maximize your workout routine in our fitness studio. Participate daily in our Go4Life♥, an evidence based fitness program designed for the elderly by National Institute of Health. Achieve your goals with a series of expert-led fitness videos designed to inspire a healthy, and active lifestyle. Or simply go out for a daily walk within the community at your own leisurely pace. Explore new ways to be your best with a series of ongoing wellness-focused retreats led by experts in the fields of fitness, yoga, walking and more.


Focus on just playing as spontaneous activity experience, not on accomplishing any goal. Playing is a time to forget about other commitments, and to be social in an unstructured, and creative ways. Playing could be simply goofing off with friends, sharing jokes, hitting golf balls in the range, dressing up at Halloween, a game of charades or Bingo, or going for a walk with no destination in mind. By giving yourself permission to play with the joyful moments of childhood, you can reap oodles of health benefits throughout life.


Get back to your best self with our Spa services and Beauty Salon that are relaxing and rejuvenating, leaving you looking well, feeling fresh, energized and focused. From therapeutic massages to cleansing facials and invigorating body treatments, each element of your spa visit is designed to stimulate the senses. In-Room Shower and daily Grooming services experience is designed to revitalize and rejuvenate with the indulgence of a spa like service in the privacy of your room.


Engage your mind – our activities calendar provides for ample opportunities to participate, engage, play and learn. Our Eat Well menus provide for opportunities for a brain healthy diet and Mind Fit and Go4Life fitness programs both are imperative for improved brain function and cognitive health. Social interactions and the regular pursuit of new knowledge or skills may act as buffers to protect against age-related decline in cognition.


Indulging in some of your guilty pleasures can add years to your life. Whether just staying tucked in bed and ordering Breakfast in Bed Tray Service, a long bubble bath, nap, massage, Chocolate Croissant, a serving of Tiramisu, treating yourself and sharing a bottle of wine with friends can give numerous health benefits — especially if you strip away the guilt.


  • Shower and Bathing Services
  • Luxury towels and robes
  • Daily Grooming and Dressing
  • Manicure and Podiatry Services
  • Beauty and Hair Salon
  • Massage Services
  • Spa Treatment


Stay connected with your old friends, families and members of your church or temple. Invite them to supper, teas, Happy Hour or even for just a chat with filled with wholehearted belly laughs. Our technology aided telecommunication tool can make it easy for you to virtually stay connected. Join a club or two of your interests; bridge club, book club, or even our Club 9. Or reconnect with a renewed purpose in life: one that makes your life more meaningful.