Looking for a new, exciting activity that will pique your interest in the long-run? Why not join a book club! Whether you are an avid reader or a newbie who wants to try reading, every senior can significantly benefit from joining a book club. 

Here are eight reasons why you need to sign-up now and commit yourself to this life-altering hobby!

 1. Sharpens the Mind

As with the other parts of the body, the mind starts to decline or deteriorate when a person reaches 65.

However, it is possible to slow, or even halt, the brain’s declination when you keep it active and stimulated. One practical and enjoyable way to do that is by reading books. 

When you read, your mind gets exposed to new words, ideas, names, plots, and information. You need to recall, memorize, and understand these by heart, stimulating your brain in the process.

Many studies had already proven that reading brings massive contributions to the brain, such as:

  • Improved verbal and visual comprehension
  • Increased ability to process information
  • Enhanced memory and vocabulary
  • Development of new neurons

So, join a book club to keep your brain healthy and have your weekly dose of mind sharpening!

 2. Connect With People

Participating in a book club allows you to widen your social circle and find fellow book lovers all over the world!

Your local book club allows you to socialize with fellow seniors who have a penchant for reading books. Once you get hooked on a specific title or author, you would not be able to resist the urge to search online and join fan clubs of your favorite book. Thus, allowing you to interact with different people of different ages, races, and countries. 

Moreover, reading also helps you improve how you interact with people and create lasting relationships.

 3. Learn New Things

Book clubs have endless reading options–from historical romance to contemporary novels. They also revolve around different genres and authors, expanding your vocabulary and cultural awareness in the process.

After finishing a novel, book clubs also allot a discussion time where each member gets the chance to share his/her thoughts about the book. Thus, allowing everyone to understand the writing on a whole new level.

Furthermore, books contain loads of new information and knowledge. It introduces you to new ideas, sparks your curiosity, and allows you to dive into a topic you didn’t know interests you until you read about it in a book.

Senior woman reading book on couch at home in living room

 4. Enhance Communication Skills

Most seniors tend to have poor communication skills due to their impaired hearing, speech, and cognitive functions.

But by joining a book club and reading diverse novels, you will be able to:

  • Widen your vocabulary.
  • Gain new knowledge and information that can help you start a conversation.
  • Stimulate your thinking process and speech
  • It helps you come up with new ideas or a solution to a problem.

 5. Renewed Perspective

A single book already has the power to change your life; what more for a dozen others you will have the pleasure of reading by joining a book club?

A good book acts as a portal that transports you to different worlds, allows you to meet various people, and opens you up to a hundred storylines and plots. It brings to light the plights and success stories of characters, which more or less, also happens in real life. 

Being exposed to different cultures, thoughts, and emotions help widen your perspective and even changes it for the better.

Moreover, reading allows you to grow beyond yourself and the limited knowledge you gained in this lifetime. You will be able to empathize with people, and that makes you wiser than you already are.

 6. Improves Mental Health

You already know how seniors are more vulnerable to feelings of intense loneliness, isolation, and even dementia. If you want to stave off these brain illnesses, then we suggest that you try reading as a way to strengthen your mental health.

Studies suggest seniors who read at least 20 pages per day have healthier mental well-being than those who don’t. 

Besides contributing mental flexibility, reading can act as a form of meditation to your mind. It is known to reduce stress by calming the mind and putting it into a relaxed state. 

Reading can also be therapeutic as it allows you to escape reality and its problems. Choose genres that can help you build positive thoughts, like a cheesy romance novel.

 7. Lets You Explore Outside Your Comfort Zone

Joining a book club means meeting and interacting with people outside your usual clique. It allows you to hang out with people you wouldn’t even cross paths with if not for your book club. 

You will be exposed not only to the opinions of your older friends but also to the forward-thinking Millennials in your book club soiree.

Book clubs also help you break out of your reading comfort zone by introducing you to hundreds of other great genres. 

If you’re already an avid reader, then you probably have a go-to genre you have stuck with for years, which is all good. But it would not hurt either if you spice up your literary taste once in a while.

 8. Discover New Books

What better way to expand your library by joining a book club? Whether it is a virtual or an actual club, it will help you discover great titles that you wouldn’t have come across on your own. 

Book clubs have creative reading challenges that allow you to discover new books and authors–you may even find your new favorite literary piece! Large book clubs also have the opportunity to meet and chat up-and-coming authors and discuss their literary works.


Joining a book club really has no downside. It is engaging, takes away your boredom, adds wisdom and happiness, and even prompts self-development. So what’s not to love?

It is never too late to cultivate your passion for reading. Start now by signing up at the nearest book club in your community and reap the benefits of reading!