If you’re thinking of sharing a home with elderly loved ones, you’re not alone. A growing number of families are reconvening to share a single household. In fact, roughly a quarter of households in America now consist of at least two generations. That figure has been rising for the last couple of decades, and it’s expected to soar even higher in the years to come. 

According to recent reports, much of the ongoing uptick in shared living stems from skyrocketing living expenses. With the cost of everything from housing and utilities, to food and fuel on the rise, a growing number of people just can’t afford to make it on their own, even in households with multiple incomes. At the same time, senior wellness is a major factor. Many people are living with their senior parents in an attempt to take care of them and keep them safe. 

Is Shared Living the Right Choice for Your Family?

Moving aging parents in with you isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. No doubt, your instincts may be telling you no one can take care of Mom and Dad better than you. It may seem as though sharing a home with them is the perfect solution for everyone involved. Before making that move, though, be sure to consider the following factors and the possibility of other senior living options. 

Is Your Home Set Up for Your Parents’ Needs?

Seniors have varying needs. When sharing a home with them, you need to be able to meet those requirements. One of the most obvious factors here would be having enough space to accommodate them. Would they have their own room? Can everyone retreat to their own private spaces when they need time alone? That includes you and your spouse and children as well as mom and dad. 

Furthermore, consider the safety aspects of the situation. Do you have wheelchair ramps if needed? Are there any trip or slip hazards in the home? Modifications may be needed before aging loved ones move in. Those could include installing grab bars and handrails and ensuring no electrical cords are stretched across the floors among many other factors. 

Some of those changes are easily incorporated, but others may require a great deal of time and money, not to mention the disruption to your family’s daily routines. It may not be possible to make all the necessary changes and space accommodations. If that’s the case, assisted living could be a better solution. 

Can You Provide the Best Care for Your Parents?

Additionally, consider the types of care aging loved ones may need before deciding to move them in with you. Obviously, you have the will and readiness to cover any needs they may have. Perhaps, between their retirement income and your earnings, hiring at-home caregivers and other professionals for extra support may even be possible. Still, that may not be enough to provide all the care and attention aging parents need. Many families find that their aging loved ones need more help than they expected. 

If an elderly loved one has significant mobility issues or needs memory care, they may require more assistance than you’re able to provide, needs like these require specialized training. They may even necessitate around-the-clock care and supervision. Though your heart is in the right place, the chances are you have a family of your own to take care of. Adding aging parents’ needs to the list may place more strain on your family than it can handle, and Mom and Dad may not get the care they truly deserve.

More people than ever are sharing homes with their aging parents. That sometimes works out well for everyone involved, but it’s not the best solution for all families. Before making a commitment like this, be sure you can handle all your parents’ needs and that they’re able to get all the care they require. Keep your needs as well as those of your spouse and children in mind, too, to ensure everyone remains happy and healthy.

Making the Best Choice for Aging Parents

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