The decision to move into assisted living can be a difficult one. Most of the difficulty is caused by the unknown. As you research your retirement options, you may be wondering what it is like to move into an assisted living apartment. Will you like it? What will day to day life be like? We are here to explain what it is like to move into Assisted Living Apartments like Sabal Palms Senior Living.

Pros of Assisted Living Apartments

Looking at the advantages of assisted living is a great way to get rid of the fear surrounding change. Here are four of the most significant benefits of moving into assisted living.

  • Reduced Monthly Expenses
  • No More Chores
  • Access to Health Care
  • Improved Social Life

Reduced Monthly Expenses

When you move into an assisted living apartment, you will notice that your monthly expenses are reduced. Many seniors want to downsize after 65 since maintaining a home can be difficult and time-consuming. When you move to assisted living, you will notice that you have fewer monthly expenses like heating, garbage disposal, and general maintenance. You will also see that your grocery bill goes down since all meals are included at an affordable assisted living apartment like Sabal Palms.

No More Chores

With a smaller living space, there are fewer chores for you to do daily. This helps to free up your time for the activities that you enjoy, such as scrapbooking, gardening, or reading. Not only that, but you can avoid potentially dangerous home maintenance like cleaning your eaves troughs or getting up on a ladder to change a lightbulb.

Access to Health Care

Included in your monthly rent is 24 access to skilled nursing care. AS you age, you will notice that you have more health issues and you will need more frequent medical attention. The benefits of living in an assisted living apartment are that you get access to health resources and amenities on-site!

health care at assisted living apartments

Improved Social Life

One of the best parts about moving to assisted living are all the built-in social activities that you can participate in. At Sabal Palms, we schedule physical activities, bingo, and trivia, and art classes. Moving into assisted living ensures that there is an infinite number of fun things to do with your fellow residents.

Cons of Assisted Living Apartments

As with everything in life, there are benefits and drawbacks. There are a few cons you may encounter when moving into an assisted living apartment. The top two drawbacks of moving into an assisted living apartment are

  • No Age Diversity
  • More Expensive

No Age Diversity

While this can be a good thing, some people don’t feel right waking up and not having young families around or children playing ball on the street. If you lived in an area with lots of trick-or-treaters, it might be a significant change to move into a place with people of the same age.

More Expensive

If you need highly specialized memory care, assisted living may not be for you. You may have to pay more to get the attention that you need regularly.

What will you do every day?

Trying to make the right decision for yourself can be easier if you know that your day will look like.activities when you move into assisted living apartments

How You’ll Spend Your Days

Your day at Sabal Palms will likely start off with a resident led-walk around 10 AM followed by an hour of art and the bingo!  IN the afternoon, we play classic movies, have wine nights, and play ‘game show’ games.

While these are just the scheduled activities, you’ll find that other residents create their own groups and participate in a host of different activities, programs, clubs, and committees. There are various interests at Sabal Palms and therefore, a wide range of activities to participate in during the day.

What Are Residents Really Like?

At Sabal Palms, residents come from all walks of life and from all around the state. We have teachers, nurses, housewives, lawyers, small business owners, engineers, yoga instructors, musicians – and more – Having people from all walks of life makes connecting with people more relaxed. You will never run out of new things to talk about, and you are sure to find someone you genuinely connect with.

moving into assisted living apartments

Moving into Senior Living will help you socialize, volunteer, and exercise. All these activities contribute to your level of happiness. Healthy social relationships have proven to be a high predictor of longevity and are also associated with reduced rates of depression and improved cognitive health. Finally, moving into an assisted living apartment will help keep you physically active. When you are physically active, you will have lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure. Living in an assisted living apartment will help you create opportunities to engage in all those areas.

At Sabal Palms, social, physical, and cognitive activities are built into everyday activities. You will have access to nutritious meals, medical care, and other amenities that relieve the burdens of living alone. Making a move to an assisted living apartment for retirement isn’t easy, because you may have emotional attachments and memories to you home. But once you realize the tremendous benefits of assisted living, you will see that is will be the best move you will make! If you are considering Sabal Palms, feel free to book an appointment to tour the facilities today!