Older adults have plenty of senior and retirement housing options these days compared to the past twenty years. Never again do seniors need to choose just between aging in place or a nursing facility.

Now, they have a wide array of choices–from an independent living community to resort-like village concepts. But in between of it all, we have the perfect community for elderlies who want to live independently with minimal supervision and care–an assisted living facility!

Before searching for “the best assisted living near me” for your senior loved one, here is everything you need to know about the community.


What Is an Assisted Living Community?

Assisted living facilities offer a residential type of community consisting of small apartments for seniors who need help with daily living activities. 

They provide long-term care for older adults who want the freedom to live independently but need little assistance and supervision. They offer much more assistance services than independent living facilities but not as medically in-depth as nursing homes.

Assisted living is an ideal option for seniors who require more care than what is given at their current home due to:

  • Lack of family members to take care of them.
  • A current caregiver cannot continue giving the utmost care.
  • Time and life issues faced by family members

Putting your loved one into an assisted living facility does not mean that you are neglecting their well-being. It is actually quite the opposite.

Assisted living communities provide the best senior care by employing professional caregivers and offering excellent amenities. They can give your loved one the best experiences while also attending to their essential and health needs.

They have the dedication, patience, compassion, and resources needed to provide quality service to seniors in need. 


5 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living for Your Loved One

There are many reasons why a senior may need the help of an assisted living community, and all of them are valid. Here are the top five reasons that definitely tell you that it is time to consider it for your loved one.


 1. Problems With Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

One of the most pressing reasons to look for an assisted living facility near you for your loved one is when they experience difficulties in daily living activities. This includes:

  • Attending to personal hygiene like bathing and grooming
  • Bathroom needs
  • Dressing
  • Meal management like cooking and preparation
  • Locomotive actions like walking or sitting upright

If your loved one currently lives alone or with a busy family member, then it is time to put him or her in the professional hands of an assisted living community.

These facilities assist seniors in a way that still gives them dignity and privacy. Residents have the freedom to do anything on their own if they choose to, but help is always a button or a call away.

Not all facilities provide the same level of care. Some may go beyond their duties and give medical care, while others don’t. So make sure to conduct a thorough check on your prospective facility before moving your loved one.


 2. Medical Mismanagement

Forgetfulness is a significant consequence of aging and a problem often faced by many seniors. Some episodes may be harmless but not to older adults with an underlying medical condition.

More often than not, seniors living alone forget to take their prescribed medications and attend doctor’s appointments. Worst, they sometimes get confused about certain medicines and their respective dosages.

These circumstances can be dangerous to the health of seniors who have chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension.

Prevent medical mismanagement from happening by transitioning your loved one into an assisted living facility.

There, they will receive daily monitoring of their health state, medication management, and regular check-ups.

Two senior woman smiling and enjoying lunch on a patio outside in the sun at assisted living facility

 3. In Need of Peer Connection

Seniors, especially those who live alone, become more vulnerable to loneliness due to their lack of human interaction and connection.

Older adults are not really social butterflies, and they also have limited peers to socialize with. This often results in isolation, social anxiety, and depression.

If you think your loved one is in dire need of companionship, then you can start researching some good assisted living facilities near you.

Assisted living communities are designed to make socialization possible for all seniors. They also encourage them to bond with others while doing activities that interest them. They promote socialization by:

  • Organizing social events with families of residents.
  • Offering different social activities for seniors like fitness classes, dancing programs, games, movie nights, book clubs, and off-site field trips.
  • Common areas where seniors can hang out and mingle like the dining room and outdoor space.
  • Volunteering activities

Motivate your loved one to engage in activities and join social clubs to meet like-minded people. Building beautiful friendships allow your loved one to have a renewed purpose and positive outlook in life.


 4. Health-Related Issues

Seniors who have specific health issues like arthritis or vision problems need close supervision as much as possible. Thus, making an assisted living facility the perfect choice for them.

Besides assistance in daily living activities, they will also provide the regular healthcare needs of your loved one. 

Moreover, they will ensure that extra services will be given to help seniors achieve a healthy well-being. This includes regular check-ups and therapy.

Caregivers in assisted living facilities have the proper training and experience in these kinds of medical care. So you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in good care.


 5. Safety and Security Becomes a Risk

The older your loved one gets, the frailer and more vulnerable they become to accidents and other safety concerns. No matter how careful your loved one is, there is always the possibility of an accident, even while doing the most mundane things. 

Assisted living communities not only care for the resident’s physical well-being but also their safety. They have several means to ensure the safety and security of seniors, like:

  • 24/7 staff presence and supervision
  • Security cameras and emergency buttons
  • Safety bars and handles in accident-prone areas like stairs or bathroom