Assisted Living in Palm Coast has a lot to offer seniors. However, one activity you might not have thought of is volunteering. If you’re a person that loves to volunteer, age is not going to be reason enough to stop volunteering.

Retirement offers you more free time as it’s the perfect time to take up volunteering or devote more time to it. You have lots to offer society and future generations. You could provide your professional skills to charity organizations. You could mentor youth and young adults. You have more expertise, experience, and wisdom to offer your community than you might expect.

Volunteering isn’t just great for the people you can help and your community. It’s widely recognized that volunteering has many benefits for the volunteer too.

1. Encourages Healthy Activity

Assisted living in Palm Coast will have many physical activities for you to take part in. However, some people don’t enjoy doing exercise. You might not even notice that you’re staying fit if it’s part of a volunteer opportunity though. Becoming a volunteer tour guide at a museum or local point of interest is one great idea. As you walk around with your tour, you’ll be staying physically active.

2. Creates Social Connections

You might not know many people when you first move to assisted living. Not knowing people is even more pronounced if you’re moving to an assisted living facility in a community that is new to you. Volunteering is an easy way to meet new people that share the same values or interests as you. For example, if you like gardening, you can join a community garden and meet other avid gardeners.

3. Gives Purpose

Many seniors feel like they’ve lost purpose when they retire and move to assisted living. They don’t have anyone relying on them; they don’t have much responsibility and have a lot of free time. This can feel great! However, it can also make you feel a bit lost. By volunteering, you can build community connections and a sense of purpose that will fulfill you. You’ll also feel good about accomplishing something and helping other people.

4. Prevents Isolation

Depression and mental illness is a common reaction to major changes in our lives. Retirement and a move to an assisted living facility is a significant change. It’s common to feel isolated and upset even if the move was what you wanted. Volunteering can help you make friends and meaning. Your improved mood will help you feel less isolated from your peers. It’ll help you adjust to your new community.

5. Improves Mood

Being around interesting people, making friends, and keeping busy has an obvious benefit. You’ll feel happier and more engaged with your life. Being happier has long term benefits for our health. It’s important to consider our mental health as an essential part of retirement.

You, the Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to connect with your community, make friends, and keep active. You can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life and your own. If you haven’t had the change to volunteer before, now is the perfect time to start. Pick something that interests you. A hobby or passion is an ideal starting point.

Are you are wondering where to find volunteering opportunities? Your assisted living facility in Palm Coast might have a list of senior-friendly opportunities handy. You can ask the staff of the assisted living facility to provide ideas. You can also do an internet search for volunteer organizations in the local area. Volunteering while at assisted living in Palm Coast is the perfect way to complement the activities and services offered in your facility.